ANDALUSIA ROSE - Self titled - CD

I was pretty excited to receive this cd. you'd ask, why?
The answer is: "because was about frikkin time!"
This band is Wendy's new baby. Who's Wendy you'd add?
Ok. first of all, you ask to many questions! Relax and i'll explain to you. Wendy Gadzuk had a band years ago called The 440's and they were unbelievably awesome, pure and straight Rock and Roll that i followed from Italy and after that, i started following Wendy's adventures around the nation until she landed in San Francisco and formed Whiskey Bitch that didn't last that long. After that, silence for years until late 2012 when she finally put together this new band and after some time spent playing and recording here they are with their first release, the self titled "Andalusia Rose".
6 songs on this Cd in which Wendy and the boys (Snake, Jeff and Paul) show how Rock and Roll is done in 2013. The first two songs are killer. "Promised me the World", you will find an acoustic version of it at the end of the record (track 6) and "Just a little more" are great songs. The song writing is top notch, tasteful guitar licks and i swear to god, if you listen to the second song for the first time you'll think that Lynyrd Skynyrd finally got their shit back together and wrote a new great song and hired a girl as lead singer. Instant anthem! With  "A thousand miles", "Don't pray for me" and "Red Lantern" AR abandon the roughness of pure Rock and turn down the volume for some ballads where they show that the softer side of Rock ain't that bad after all. Wendy also lays down some Piano parts that are quite good and unexpected. Totally impressed. Really a good first release, I am gonna definitely keep an eye on them and i suggest you do the same.  - SeawolfDee

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PALOOKA - She's Speed - 7"

Sleeze Metal meets punk rock, if ya dig stuff like Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, The Hookers & The Hellacopters then this is right up your alley! When listing to this band, ugly dudes, bad attitudes, switchblade knives, bbq's and just good times come to mind, they are definitely Rock n' Roll ! I would buy thier album, and see them live. I give Palooka the Riki Rachtman seal of approval, "Keep one foot in the gutter, and one fist in the gold".  - Knuckles Ramone

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GIUDA - Racey Roller - LP (Dead Beat, TKO Records)

Working from the same glammy three-chord blueprint as contemporaries like Slade, T. Rex,Gary Glitter, and Suzy Quatro, GIUDA take you back to a monumental but gone era of Rock N' Roll. Specifically the early 70's pre-punk, glitter days when music was all about monstrous riffs, cocky attitude, high energy experimentation and fun. GIUDA take that same glammy, proto-punk foundation and fuse it with the grimy, tattered muck of bands like Eddie And The Hot Rods, Cock Sparrer and The Kids to create a timeless arsenal of glam injected, pub rock classics mixed with their deep Italian roots (songs about street life in Rome and soccer, especially Number 10, pure anthem tribute to A.C. Roma captain Francesco Totti and Don't stop rockin'). Top notch glitter-fused, punk rock slop (Roll on, Tartan Pants, Back home)  that has as much to do with the Faces and Slaughter and the Dogs as it does the UK Junk Shop bands from the '70's' like Hector, Plod and the Rats (Get it over, Here comes Saturday night). Absolutely perfect Full Length here. Released in 2010 by Dead Beat records for the US market and re released this year by TKO Records in support of their second Us Tour. Do yourself a favore and look for this album. - SeawolfDee

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