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Gettin Loud n Local With Jolene

Gettin Loud n Local With Jolene

Featuring all Pacific Northwest rock is something we have in common with one of our favorite radio shows on the dial. KISW’s Loud and Local on Seattle’s 99.9 FM hosted by the always rockin’ Jolene features and supports local music exclusively from the Puget Sound area. Talking with musicians and bands around town about local radio support, it becomes pretty evident  the role Jolene plays in the Seattle music scene, how popular Loud and Local has become and how appreciative the bands are to have Jolene on their side.

Jolene also features KISW’s “cockfight’s” Loud and Local version which pairs up local artists, plays a song from each then has the listeners vote on which song they liked the best, the band receiving the most votes moving on to the next round. Jolene explains, it’s not really a competition, more of a way to get the local artists music out there and at the same time giving the listeners and fans a chance to interact with each-other and the bands. Nobody really loses, each band gets their music played on air-in front of KISW’s large listener base and everyone wins.

Here’s our interview with KISW’s Jolene. April and Tracey caught up with Jolene at the Zero Down CD release show at The Sunset Tavern.

So how did your Loud and Local show come about?

I actually wasn't the first one to originate it. KISW has always had local shows or shows that showcase local artists for decades now, I took it over in March of 2006 and it’s just been phenomenal. I make the joke that it’s my “pro-bono” stuff but it’s what really replenishes me as somebody that loves music.

How do you pick your featured artists?

 You know what-my biggest thing is I want to be really fair with everybody. There’s no playing favorites, I want to provide something for like, if you like the more mainstream sound-here’s a band for this, if you like more metal, here’s this, if you like something that's more punk leaning, here’s this, if you like something that’s more vintage metal, here’s this. I try to provide a selection of all those things.

What do you like best about the Seattle music scene?

 The camaraderie. It’s the best! It means so much and it’s the way everyone supports one and other. When I’ve done the 9:00 cockfight Loud and Local version, when I play two bands, say one is from Tacoma and one is from Seattle and there’s some similarities there, after the cockfight they end up booking a show together and their fan bases get a chance to cross pollinate. I’ve seen it happen and think that’s pretty cool.

What are a few of your most memorable highlights to date working at KISW, bands or musicians you hung out with, shows, ect?

Where to begin! Chatting up or interviewing: Bruce Dickenson, Rob Halford, Lemmy, Ozzy, Soundgarden n’ AIC guys.  There have been many a good times over the last 7.5 years.  Some of the most magical have been little shows with great friends.  Seeing bands within the local scene get really get tight and become families with one another always sends me over the moon!   

Are there a few local bands you can think of off the top of your head that maybe not a lot of people have heard locally or nationally but you love and feel they have the potential bust out someday soon?

 Sure, in no particular order.  Reignwolf, Sweetkiss Mamma, Mico De Noche, The Mothership, Girl On Fire, Christian Mistress, Elks Blood, Jason Kertson, Sandrider, Hobosexual, Palooka, Countdown To Armageddon.  Just to name a few great locals to check out.


I would personally like to see some of that bands that have gone on to big things from this area start to bringing along some of the local smaller bands on tours, or shared show dates to help kind of "give back" to the music scene here. Soundgarden bringing out, maybe All Bets on Death, ect. What are your thoughts on that subject, are the bigger bands still active or active enough with our music scene here in Seattle?

Of course it would be great! Queensryche took out Windowpane, Supersuckers taking out The Spittin’ Cobras.  If it’s our big local guys, awesome.  But getting out on tours with larger scale bands is always huge, local or not.

Talking to a lot of people out at shows and in the music community, Loud and Local is definitely one of the more talked about and popular radio shows right now. Are there any plans or thoughts on expanding the shows role on KISW or even putting it on in more of a prime time slot?

 For now I work with what I got.  The beauty of this day and age is that the show is posted online within 24 hrs of it airing.  You can listen to it whenever you like.  I’ve got podcasts that go back, way back!   http://www2.kisw.com//listen/category/Loud+and+Local

If a local band or musician wants to submit music to Loud and Local how do they go about that and do you have any advice for getting some radio airplay?

Follow the directions to submit.  Send a note with track suggestions and list which songs have profanity.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a slick press pack or just a CD with a letter attached….,.follow the directions! Have I said follow the directions enough?  It’s kind of an issue! Then allow a few weeks and follow up with an email. Jolene!@kisw.com.  Be patient for I wear many hats here at KISW.

Here’s the link! ! http://www.kisw.com/pages/5801985.php

Thank you for the chat Blackhole Magazine you are doing some damn fine work!



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