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Band News & Updates

Band Updates & News

After a few lineup changes following their much acclaimed album "Life And Death" The Hardcount are firing on all cylinders recently. Joining founding members The Reverend Adumb Green (vocals) and Donnie Lemmon (guitar) are Vince Lane (drums) and Spike Hell (bass).

The band has started the process of putting their next album together recording some rough tracks at Bill Patterson's 48th Ave Records and hoping for a release sometime this summer. The Hardcount have shows coming up soon. March 8th at Louie G's in Fife WA with Big Wheel Stunt Show and Ranchero and April 20th at The Hard Rock in Seattle. For more Hardcount show listings and news check their Facebook page at 

Seattle's hardcore/punk/Thrashers The Insurgence have recently released their latest album  "Elimi-Nation". The band has a show coming up March 30th at El Corazon in Seattle with Zeke, Fang, Embrace The Kill and The Triple Sixes. In April the band will do about a 2 week tour with Dropkick Murphys from AZ to CA and Vegas. The Insurgence are currently working on getting Elimi-Nation pressed for a 12" vinyl release and writing new material to be demo'd soon featuring their new lead guitarist Chris Napolitano formerly of the band Streetwalker. A new video for the single "Dear Leader" off Elimi-Nation is also in the works. Check out The Insurgence on Facebook at

Seattle's kings of heavyweight, stoner grove rock, Ancient Warlocks recently seemed to have struck a deadly alliance with Port Orchard Wa's Mos Generator. The bands have played a ton of shows together, have more on tap and are planning on releasing a split single together.  March 1st at Chop Suey in Seattle Ancient Warlocks play Mico de Noche's 7" release party with Mos Generator and Serial Hawk. Mico de Noche are the purveyors of "heavy" round these parts and have put out a lot of records including a split 10"with Tad's band, Brothers Of The Sonic ClothThis is also Mos Generators last show around town for a while as they are set to launch a 26 date tour with St. Vitus in Europe. Serial Hawk known for their crushing volume of "heavy" and described by Darren Chase of Ancient Warlocks as "absolutely punishing" are about to head out on tour to the Midwest soon after this show. Catch em all in Seattle while you can! Link to show tickets for,


Deadkill is a band everyone in Seattle and the freggin world should know about. If you like the other bands we talk about trust us on this one, Deadkill is the shit! The guys are currently hold up in Seattle putting the finishing touches on the writing of their first full length album due out later this year. The band is also rumored to be participating in a few summer festivals in both the Pacific Northwest and Canada. More news to follow on this band, check em out!

Another local band from Tacoma WA making some noise lately is CFA. These dudes are busy. The band was recently included in the top 100 albums list for 2012 from NBTM MusicRadio and have released the first of three CFA "action" comic books staring the members of the band. That's right I said a comic book. If you are not familiar with the band, trust me-it makes sense! The band is scheduled to record some cover and original songs for a digital release with Tony Reed as a free give away to fans titled "Better To Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission." CFA has a few notable shows coming up, March 27th at The Comet Tavern in Seattle supporting Gypsyhawk  and Mothership's "March Out Of Winter 2013" national tour. April 19th with Ancient Warlocks and April 20th with Ancient Warlocks, Mos Generator and Furry Buddies at The New Frontier in Tacoma WA. The band is also rumored to be playing a future show in S.F with Metallica this summer. For links on all CFA  stuff just hit out link to the band.

A Killing Dove from Vancouver WA recently released a video for their latest album titled "Break The Formulaic."  The bands self titled first album released in 2010 received  plenty of radio airplay and press around the NW. The band believes Break The Formulaic makes an even stronger statement than anything they have previously released. Influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Soundgarden, AC/DC & Bad Religion, A Killing Dove is definitely a band worth checking out! 

In July of 2012 Palooka parted ways with their singer and began the search to find a new front man for the band. The guys had numerous people audition and finally decided Paul Passarelli was the best fit for the band. In January Palooka went into Big Sound Productions studio's in Seattle and recorded a 3 song demo with Steve Jones of Ancient Warlocks behind the board. The band has about 7 songs demo'd and are hoping for a album release by the end of the year. Palooka has a show planned for March 19th at Nectar in Seattle and are planning regular shows around the NW starting in June.

It's been a great year for Hot Roddin' Romeos. Following much press attention and national success of their last album "Russian Roulette", the band was recently signed to Splatterhouse Wreckords in Tacoma WA. The Hotroddin Romeo's are now busy in the studio finishing up their next album titled Boozehounds. You can catch The Hotroddin Romeos May 31st at The Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle and June 1st for the Kustom Kulture Festival in Suquamish WA.

Jason Freeman bassist for Zeke has been involved in a side project for a little while now. The band is called Communist Eyes and self described as "boogie punk rock n roll." The band also includes Neil Rodgers (ex Derelicts, Zipgun) on guitar, Eric Akre (ex Christ On A Crutch, Treepeople) on drums and Pops Payne on vocals. More to come on these guys, stay tuned!


Press release from The Seattle Venue Project-

New Venue Opening Up In Seattle Is Breaking All The Rules.

Seattle, Washington February 22, 2013- In this post Napster music industry that weare living in, the live concert is proving to still be king. The Seattle Venue Project is challenging the way that music venues work around the country, taking things back to how things used to work. The new venue boasts a code of ethics that they are going to operate by.

They will never:
1. Ask a band to pay to play
2. Ask a band to sell their own tickets
3. Charge convenience fees
4. Never put more than 4 bands on a bill

The Seattle Venue Project is going to accomplish these ethics by using a few
methods. An in house ticketing system that is going to help relieve the stress at checkout over convenience fees. Owner and General manager Aisha Alder says, “ Who are convenience fees really convenient for? Not the audience, I have had people tell me stories about buying a ticket on one of the major online ticket outlets and their $25.00 ticket turned into a $80.00 ticket at check out.” The Seattle Venue Project says that their ticketing system which is completely green, when you buy the tickets online from their website you can open up the email on your smartphone and they will scan it at the door, allows them to keep the extra charges at bay because there is no middle man.

Local news outlets are catching on to what the Seattle Venue Project is doing Kelly Mason of said in her recent interview with Aisha “ I'll admit it sounded a little idealistic. A venue that cares about the people's opinion and doesn't ask bands to sell tickets sounds like a pre-2007 notion, but it would be great if bands could focus on making music again instead of driving all over the greater Seattle area selling $8 tickets to people who might not even show up to the gig. “Aisha says “ I know that we are in Seattle but we want to inspire all the other venues all over the country to do this too, rock shows have gotten crazy, having 5-6 bands playing in one night! I am worn out by the time the band I came to see comes on. Venues have stopped caring about the music and the experience. I have been on the other side of this for to long, it is time to create a better venue for a better concert experience. “

Right now the Seattle Venue Project is running a crowd funding campaign
to raise money for the initial fees of opening but since launching they have
collected hundreds of dollars in just a few days. To check them out head to

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