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Atomic Ballroom - Dreamfest 2013 **FULL SET**

One Last Ride For BWSS and The Hardcount

Big Wheel Stunt Show and The Hardcount each will play their final shows on the same bill at The New Frontier in Tacoma Saturday March 1st. It's fitting that the show is at The New Frontier as both bands really skyrocketed their local popularity with a blistering show they played a few years back to support Big Wheel Stunt Shows release titled "Cheetah Milque". The bands went on to play many more memorable shows in the years following and built a reputation for being no nonsense, blood and guts rockin' roll bands. In my opinion both of these bands kicked the Seattle/Tacoma music scenes right in the balls stirring up some excitement again and leading the way to all the great stuff going on right now. 

I heard Jake Melius of BWSS was moving back to his home state of Arizona to pursue a new career opportunity. I asked Justin Gimse if the band thought about carrying on without their long time friend and bassist. 

"Reason we are not carrying on without Jake. A few years ago, we agreed that the three of us were the DNA of BWSS and with the special friendship we all had, there was never going to be any replacing if one of us left the band. We would simply call it a day. It was an easy and unanimous agreement and it has held true. Frankly, for this band, there's not another bass player that I would want to play with. There's just a whole lot more than just the music between us all. No way anybody's gonna fill those shoes no matter how good a player and how awesome a person they are. They're not Jake, can't be Jake and Jake IS the Bass Man of the BWSS, period."
"Not sure what Evan has on the musical horizon. He's newly married and really enjoying that life at the moment."
"I will continue to broadcast my weekly radio show - I'll also be putting together more Station Sponsored Live Performances this year (Feb 21st - Night of Gritness Showcase @ the New Frontier) - I've been enjoying singing and crooning jazz numbers these days at Jazz Nights at the New Frontier. New Gig writing for the Sports and Entertainment sections of the Tacoma Weekly has me very excited. I'm open to the idea of getting together with some other players and see what happens, but I'm really not in any kind of rush... this has been a furious almost five year run and I'm ready to catch my breath for awhile."
I asked Harcount frontman Atom Green what was up with his bands departure-
"Well, there wasn't a big fight or anything. Donnie is selling and buying a new house plus is on the tail end of a Divorce. Vince was unemployed for over a year and just got a job that is taking a lot of his time and I am still trying to get a good job and back on my feet from my divorce. We basically were focusing on our individual lives more than anything else and we decided that it was more important for us to do that than be in a band at this point. Being in a band takes a lot of time, energy and passion that we just didn't have. If you aren't going to give it 100%, why waste the time. So for now The Hardcount is done, we may or may not pick it back up sometime down the road."
The Hardcount
"I'm doing solo stuff, I release my music on YouTube. Donnie and Vince are starting a band up called "Lemmon" they will be playing some shows. It is Donnie's thing. I wrote all the songs for the Hardcount and Donnie wants to get back into writing. They sound good.....a lot different than The Hardcount."
"Spike is just working a lot. I don't think he has any plans right now but his brother is the drummer for "Go Like Hell" and asked him to join a few months back......if they want to kick out their current bass player I am sure Spike will join up with them."

Both bands will be missed but recorded a ton a great music and played alot of memorable shows. Thanks guys!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ancient Warlocks - 01 - Lion Storm (Live HD)

Atomic Ballroom - 01 - The Bucket (Live HD)

Troy Lambert - Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Appleton - Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Gaffney - Bass Guitar
Brandon Drake - Drums

It's evolution baby!!

Just like anything else, Atomic Ballroom has gone through many stages before it became what it is today. All four members come from dedicated musical backgrounds and all share a unique desire and drive. With an undeniable chemistry, the future was inevitable for these forces to combine.


Jordan Appleton and Brandon Drake formed a 2-piece project known as Circle Of Willis in the fall of 2010 and began playing small clubs in Seattle opening for more popular local acts. Appleton and Drake eventually recruited a third member and became known as Tetra. The trio gigged all around the Puget Sound area quickly going from an unknown opening band to a crowd-attracting headliner in seemingly no time at all.

Meanwhile, Appleton was participating in another project being started up by Troy Lambert, former frontman of Seattle hard-rock act Vibrant Society. Troy had been writing for this new project in hopes to form a band with like-minded artists. The untimely passing of former Alice In Chains bass player Mike Starr brought Lambert and Christopher Gaffney together as they met when the two were mourning his death. At the time, Gaffney was playing in a three-piece band which had only performed a few private shows before disbanding. Lambert, Appleton and Gaffney played together as this band-without-a-name for quite some time, auditioning several candidates for a fourth member over the course of about a year. After many failed attempts, the band began to lose hope in finding a suitable guitar player, until one groundbreaking evening of jamming when someone suggested the unimaginable....a merger with Tetra...

Atomic Ballroom was born.

Nowadays, Atomic Ballroom is taking the scene by storm, blowing minds and expectations away with each stage conquered. All four members are on fire and will stop at nothing to bring music as we know it to a whole new level. Welcome to the future.....we're gonna have a good time!!
Step inside the ballroom and experience music of atomic purity.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CFA - Cody Foster Army - Sons of the Soil

Cody Foster (bass / vox)
Dave Takata (guitar / voice)
David Marseillan (drums)

Between these three C.F.A. members, about 75 years of experience has forged a style of music somewhat familiar and still relevant to today's music fan. Utilizing their various influences each member has indulged in, the band offers the listener a testimonial to a true spirit of rock-n-roll. C.F.A reminds us that rock-n-roll is carefree, tumultuous, and above all fun.

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Fan Poll Results

Ok. The final tally is in from our "Shut Up N Vote" reader favorites from the Puget Sound music scene. We only received about fifty comment votes on the actual article but roughly 3000 via email which kinda sucked cause I had to sort through all these votes and actually do work! To be honest I was only expecting a few hundred sooo this will be the last fan vote thing round here!! Also to all the idiots that emailed me grief about having such a fan poll, umm,,shut up! Yes I know we shouldn't "judge"art and all PC stuff. The posting was just for fun and to see which bands locally people are listening too. We wanted to do something with the results on the show Enter The Rock Pitt but schedule stuff won't allow us to get down to Tacoma this month. Btw that there is the best damn radio show supporting the local music scene. Funny as hell and rocking!

Most of all the bands listed for the poll we LOVE and have done stuff with in the past. I don't really have a favorite.The band I've been listening to the most, watching video, ect lately is Hobosexual. I love that bands sense of humor and they bloody rock! Ben Harwood of Hobo will get guitarist we are most diggin right now and I have to mention Roddy Chops of Princess, that dude will destroy you as loudly as possible. Ohh yeah and Evan Nagle-Morgenstern is ridiculous maannn! That dude is doing shit other guitarist's aren't, wait, change that to, can't do. Dave Takata from the Tacoma band CFA is GOD, for realz! Actually that whole band is sick! I have to mention Darren Chase of Ancient Warlocks also. I m pretty sure Darren is mainly on rhythm guitar for the Warlocks but the tones that dude gets from his gear is amazing! I think he even makes his own pedals. Drums I'm gonna go with Steve Jones of Ancient Warlocks. Dude just punishes his kit like he walked in on them banging his old lady or something. Hands down da man! Im a big Josh Snider fan of The Insugence and I can't forget about Justin Gimse of Big Wheel Stunt Show. Justin could front a band with his vocals plus he's SOLID as hell behind the kit. Bass, Jake Melius also of BWSS, nuff said there, Im not sure anyone I've seen live is even in his league. Vocals are a bit tougher because there's people fronting bands that are definitely better natural singers than others and then others that are just natural front men or women an put on a hell of a show. That being said Jibo from The Insurgence go's full throttle for a entire show and always seems to make the crowd part of the mayhem. Atom Green of The Hardcount is another dude that goes all out every show and delivers a rock n roll "show" at every venue the band plays. Andrew Chapman of Princess needs to be mentioned too. He always seems to electrify the crowd and put on a killer show.

I could find something I like about any band or musician we posted in each category. Seems like that's how the voting went also. So here's the results.

Favorite Band


Aaron Krause (lead vocal/lead guitar)
Darren Chase (rhythm guitar)
Anthony Timm (bass)
Steve Jones (drums)

Biography (from AW Facebook)

Ancient Warlocks are a band from Seattle, WA. that has been steadily building both it's sound, and fan base, since their first live show in November of 2010. Their primary focus is the groove, more than anything, and all of the other ingredients are a response to that. The vocals, the guitar sounds, the whole band's sound, the riffing, all of it.

Ancient Warlocks are; Darren Chase - whose solid rhythm guitar work and punk flavored delivery of Fuzz drive the riffs; Aaron Krause - whose smoky vocal howl soars amongst his own blend of subtle lead guitar lines and swirling feedback psyche; Anthony ‘Oni’ Timm - a dynamic and energetic bassist with thick, rolling grooves that belie his noise rock influence; and Steve Jones - whose veteran status, behind both the drums and the recording console, give him invaluable insight into keeping heads nodding and bodies moving to the grooves.

Ancient Warlocks teamed up with Digital Warfare Records to release their 'Superwizard' 7" debut single in May of 2011. Then in May of 2013, Ancient Warlocks self released a live split 7" single with Mos Generator. During these early years, Ancient Warlocks have shared the stage with such bands as Mars Red Sky, Lord Dying, White Orange, Witchburn, Black Pussy, Mos Generator, Valient Thorr, Princess, Brokaw, Stone Axe, ZEKE, Tom Price Dessert Classic, Vaporland, VALIS, The Spittin' Cobras, Zero Down, Thee Emergency, Mico de Noche, Argonaut, Sleep Capsule, Radio Moscow, Mystery Ship, Antique Scream, Pouch, James Whiton, Premonition 13, Witch Mountain, The Hookers, Serial Hawk, Greenriver Thrillers, Gaytheist, He Who's Ox Is Gored, Black Wizard, etc.

After honing their sound by playing live shows for slightly over a year, and writing additional material, the band completed their first full length recording, which has now been released on the European label; Lay Bare Recordings (Netherlands). They are currently talking with a couple of different labels about a possible USA release as well. Judging by the positive crowd responses that they have been getting, I have a feeling even bigger things are in store for Ancient Warlocks.


Favorite Guitarist

Roddy Chops
Roddy Chops of PRINCESS

Andrew Chapman (voice)
Samantha Wilder (bass)
Gator (drums)

Biography (from the bands Facebook Page)

Members of Mobile Slaughter Unit, Fort Hell, The Keeper,The Crills, Kill Cupid and The Vexx.
Three releases: Grim Energy (2011), Welcome Winter (2012), Selling Sulphur (2013)

Radio Play on KEXP, The End and KISW

Notable shows:
Noise for the Needy
Live performance on KEXP
Red Fang show
KISW showcase
Capitol Hill Block Party
KISW Pain in the Grass

KISW band of the week August, 2013

Favorite Vocals

Ben Harwood

Favorite Bass


Jeff Silva (drums)

Biography (from FB)

They were born. They knew what they had to do. They're living it. Band description, 2 beards, 4 amps, mind of a scientist and more raw talent than Jesus.


Evan Nagle (vocals/guitar)
Justin Gimse (vocals/drums)

Biography (from FB)

Big Wheel Stunt Show is a small vehicle with a loud engine. By paring it down to rock and roll’s bare essentials, guitarist Evan Nagle, bassist Jake Melius and drummer Justin Gimse have proved that it’s not the size of your band that counts — it’s what you do with it. 

From Rolling Stone Spain, to KEXP, scribes and DJs across the world have been shouting their praise for 2012′s Wonderful Life, the Tacoma, Wash. band’s latest release. Like a carnival on drugs, Wonderful Life takes hold of your brain’s pleasure center and drops it straight down into Alice’s rabbit hole.

Tacoma's Hardest Working Band - Rolling out 3 Full-Length Albums, and Over 310 Original Rock Shows together since Dishing it Live for the First Time on May 21, 2009.

The Band's 2011 Second Album - "Cheetah Milque" has garnered sweet reviews around the Globe and the new follow-up "Wonderful LIFE" has had great press prior to the album's release from the Seattle Weekly, The Soda Shop, Tacoma Weekly, Planet Heavy and Ripple Effect.

Drawing influence from the likes of MC5, Grand Funk, Muddy Waters, the Who, Stone Temple Pilots, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Motown, Black Sabbath and a veritable World of Others - BIG WHEEL STUNT SHOW has consistently played to Smiling Faces and Well-Rung Ears.




Aaron Krause (lead vocals, lead guitar)
Darren Chase (rhythm guitar)
Anthony Timm (bass)

There was not many votes seperating all the bands and musicans. The following recieved tons of mentions from the responses. Ron Banner from The Shivering Denizens, Zero Down, Princess, The Spitting Cobras, Donnie Lemmon from The Hardcount, all the guys in Zeke, Aaron Krause of Ancient Warlocks, Atom Green from The Hardcount and Fred Speakman of Gold Records.

Thanks to all who voted !!


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Shut Up N Just Vote


Yeah I know you cant judge art and all that bullshit but we get emails from readers around the world asking who's the best or most popular band in Seattle right now soo maybe ya can judge.Lets put the question to our local readers and those outside the NW that follow our music scene.We will stick to most of the bands we have covered in BHM with the nominee's, but feel free to fill in your fav's if their not listed.  We have posted the video's, shared the links and music to many bands playing around the Northwest right now. Who's your favorites? Vote in the comment box or email to Blackhole Magazine NW

Just one vote per category and we will list the results in a few weeks with links, music and video's from all the winners!!

rock on -

Nominee's For Favorite Band In BHM 
If one of your favorites was not listed feel free to write them in and vote.

THE INSURGENCE                      






Fan favorites will be reveled on a future Enter The Rock Pitt on NWCZ Radio in January 2014 with tons of airplay and a possible guest appearance with BHM on the show. Stay tuned and check out the Enter The Rock Pitt every Wednesday night 8pm on

For daily updates and news check us out on Facebook 

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Biography / They were born. They knew what hey had to do. They are living it.
Description / 2 beards, 4 amps, mind of a scientist and more talent than Jesus.
Band Interests / Anything with Wood Grain Paneling, Monocle World back issue's, spores, molds, fungus and anything over 140 decibels.
Artists They Also Like / AC/DC, CCR, John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, Nazareth, No Means No, Hot Water Music, Fugazi, Drunk Horse.
Members / Ben Harwood (guitars/vocals), Jeff Silva (drums)
Hometown / Seattle WA

Friday, September 13, 2013

New C.F.A. video

What do Northwest Stonercore Maniacs, C.F.A. Have Up Their Sleeves as they Unleash the New Video for "Built Up, Knocked Down?"

The raucous good time Tacoma punkers of C.F.A. (Cody Foster Army) have announced that the third in a series of four videos from the massively hailed Ripple Music debut album, "Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God."

Known for their unpredictable, crazy stage antics, personalities, and banter, CFA bring their trademarked outrageousness to the new video along with their incendiary brand of punkified stoner rock. Ramrodding a hardcore sensibility into the otherwise rather subdued world of stoner rock, CFA have crafted a whole new genre, known around the world as Stonercore.

The always controversial CFA have made the video for "Built Up, Knocked Down," available through the dynamic Ripple Music YouTube Channel, Grooves and Ripples, which also is the home to the two prior nutcase videos, "Sons of the Soil," and "Kick Rocks." This Video was Cody's concept. CFA did all the filming and lighting. Killiam Lord did all the editing and visual effects. All of this was shot in CFA's lair otherwise known as the Bro-Op.

All three blistering snorts of stonercore can both be found on C.F.A.'s debut Ripple Music release, Managed By The Devil, Brought To You By The Grace Of God. Produced and engineered by heavy rock legend, Tony Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator), the debut can be found at the Ripple Music online store ( and Ripple's digital Bandcamp store ( Nail Distribution, Code 7, and Clearspot International. "Built Up, Knocked Down" originally made it's debut on the Free Ripple Sampler Album, The Ripple Effect Presents: Head Music, along with 22 other tracks of groovified, riff-mad heaviness.

Formed in 2008, the Tacoma, Washington trio of Cody Foster, Dave "Reno" Maerseillan, and David Takata took a lifetime of musical influences and put their talents together to create C.F.A, a stoner-fied take on unabashed rock n' roll and punk. Being influenced by the last three decades of music, C.F.A. is the missing link connecting those eras of music. The band honed their collective chops through unrelenting gigging and incendiary live performances.

As the new video makes clear, C.F.A remind us that rock-n-roll is carefree, tumultuous, and above all . . . fun!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ancient Warlocks news and updates

ANCIENT WARLOCKS Fall/Winter West Coast Tour 

9/11 - Bellingham, WA. (Cabin Tavern)
9/14 - Seattle, WA. (Highline Bar)
10/2 - Seattle, WA. (Highline Bar)
10/4 - Eugene, OR. (Black Forest)
10/5 - Arcata, CA. (The Alibi)
10/6 - TBD, CA. (TBD)
10/7 - San Luis Obispo, CA. (SLO DIY Warehouse)
10/8 - San Diego, CA. (Shakedown Bar SD)
The following dates are w/ Mars Red Sky;
10/9 - Encinitas, CA. (The Saloon)
10/10 - Los Angeles, CA. (Five Star Bar DTLA)
10/11 - San Francisco, CA. -or- Santa Cruz, CA. (TBD)
10/12 - Portland, OR. (Ash Street Venue)
10/13 - Seattle, WA. (Chop Suey)
11/27 - Seattle, WA. (Columbia City Theater)

There are more shows that will be announced soon, including plans for a European tour in Spring 2014, as well as some other exciting news!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Local news.

There are a couple of records out that i think you should check out.

 released a 7 inch vinyl single of the
song - "She's Speed" on August 27th 2013. 
This is PALOOKA's first release since their album What's Wrong With Wanting Everything came out in Summer of 2011. The She's Speed single is also PALOOKA's first release with Chris Quinn (SGM, RazRez, West Section Line, Bottle of Smoke) on guitar and Paul Passarelli (Lipstick, October, Kingmother, 70 Proof and Flight to Mars) on vocals. PALOOKA added Paul to the lineup in mid January 2013 and went into Big Sound Productions later that month to work on a preproduction demo for the next PALOOKA album (anticipated late this year/early next year release). After listening to the results of the sessions, releasing a couple of the songs just seemed to make sense. Steve Jones (Ancient Warlocks) recorded the single at Big Sound. The single was mixed and mastered by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios. 

This record is not really super new (out in June of 2013 ) but i haven't seen a lot of press about it and it's a shame. If you like the seventies, like i do, and Blues you will consume the grooves of this Vinyl ep. The single was recorded at Fastback Studios, Seattle. Produced and recorded by Gordon Raphael. Jason Lackie was the engineer & mastering engineer. 4 tracks of pure 70's sound so well done that it sounds like it was crafted and recorded back in the good ol days of rock.There's only one way to describe this record: MYSTERY SHIP II is awesome! Out on Knick Knack Records a small but pretty rad independent local record label.Check 'em out!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Almost ready the new HARDCOUNT cd that will be called  "LOVE and HATE" and we can't wait to spin this record!!
The CD release party will be at The Highdive in Fremont September 13th.
here's the poster.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm not feeling it

I read this on FB lately:

"This is not LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.
What has happened to Seattle's Local Band camaraderie and healthy competition? I'm just not feeling it."
Vince Lane (the Hardcount)

"Nobody wants to wear a hard hat and carry a lunch bucket anymore. It's all "Vote for us" and other Matrix .B.S. its a Twilight Zone" (BWSS)

"There is a ton of great music tonight!! Get off your asses and GO SEE LIVE MUSIC!!! This region is rich with talented musicians and bands, and we're all out here working for you. Come on out and enjoy yourselves!" Jack Rainwater (Hard Money Saints)

Members of two of the best local bands are making some damn good points and asking the right questions not only to the audience but to their fellow musicians.
What's your take on this? What are the best five local bands today? ( Or the worst?)
And the best five of all times? ( yes we all know all the bands that were big in the nineties..and yes I know that they were small local bands at some point, but we are talking about the future here, so use not only your guts but your brain too).
Who's talking the talk and walking the walk on the road to eternal glory in Rock'n'Roll history?

Do you want some names?

The Spittin' Cobras
Big Wheel Stunt Show
The Hardcount
Mystery Ship
Shivering Denizens

These are a small part ot the local rocknroll bands that I'm diggin lately ( I'd like to mention also, without sounding too cocky, my band, Piston Ready, cause I believe we do a damn fine job but, like Jack said, there are so many good bands out there in these region ) but we wanna know what you think. There's plenty of good bands in town but we wanna figure out which one are the best. Bands that have that sparkle and can lit the audience on fire with just a simple riff. Bands that don't need  to enter a battle of the bands to prove they are good but they give 110% on stage 100% of the time they are on stage.
But also bands that are involved in the scene and that are trying to keep it alive simpy adding more local bands to the shows they are booking not afraid of the competition (read: i don't wanna play with them cause they are too good and everybody is going to leave after them). 
Every genre counts and you can include whatever band you please but you are more than welcome to make specific top five ( of whatever you want ) lists so that we can , at the end, have a better idea of what's going on in town..
...let the fun begin.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Blood

These crazy days of re-grouping and finding new colaborators are challenging but finally we have some good news:

- 48th AVE STUDIOS has joined our sponsors. it's a brand new record label based in Everett (WA) specialized in Punk and Metal. These guys also have a sweet recording studio and you can check'em out here:

-My good ol' buddy from the Italian years, Miguel Basetta (Rolling Stone Italy), has joined us and will write some reviews and interviews and reports about what's up in Europe and not. Time to expand you musical bounderies and check out bands from all over the world..the only limit here is that they have to be good! We will always focus first on the PNW scene of course but we will try to keep an eye open on what's hot out there and all the good bands (American and not) that are going to tour around here.

-in the works a couple of interview with some good new bands from Seattle. stay tuned!

-soon a REVIEWS page and a INTERVIEWS will be reay so that it will be easier to check out new releases from your favorite bands and maybe discover your new obsession.

-once again, if you feel like you have something to say and wanna write about it don't be shy and contact us!

that'd all for now. over and out.

Friday, June 14, 2013


After a short hiatus we are back online and we are looking for new collaborations.
hit us up if you wanna write or help us with anything. we will much appreciate it.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mos Generator - Cosmic Ark [Official Video]

2013 European Tour Dates

MARCH 2013

5th Koln, Germany @ Luxor 

6th Berlin, Germany @ C-club 

7th Dresden, Germany @ Beatpol

8th Haarlem, Holland @ Het Paatronat 

9th Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie 

10th Vosselaar, Belgium @ Biebob

11th Brighton, England @ The Haunt 

12th Southampton, England @ The Cellar 

13th Birmingham, England @ O2 Academy 2

14th Glasgow, Scotland @ The Cathouse 

15th Newcastle, England @ Northumbria Uni

16th Pwheli, Wales @ Hammerfest

17th London, England @ The Garage 

18th Rouen, France @ Le 106

19th Esch-sur-alzette, Luxembourg @ Kulturfabrik

20th Lyon, France @ Le Ninkasi Kao

21st Winterthur, Switzerland @ Salzhaus

22nd Vienna, Austria @ Szene

23rd Bologna, Italy @ Zr

24th Milano, Italy @ The Tunnel

25th N├╝rnberg, Germany @ Rockfabrik

26th Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Colos-sal 

27th Hamburg, Germany @ Logo

28th Copenhagen, Denmark @ Loppen

29th Stockholm, Sweden @ Nalen

30th Oslo, Norway @ Inferno Metal Fest