Sunday, February 9, 2014

Atomic Ballroom - 01 - The Bucket (Live HD)

Troy Lambert - Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Appleton - Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Gaffney - Bass Guitar
Brandon Drake - Drums

It's evolution baby!!

Just like anything else, Atomic Ballroom has gone through many stages before it became what it is today. All four members come from dedicated musical backgrounds and all share a unique desire and drive. With an undeniable chemistry, the future was inevitable for these forces to combine.


Jordan Appleton and Brandon Drake formed a 2-piece project known as Circle Of Willis in the fall of 2010 and began playing small clubs in Seattle opening for more popular local acts. Appleton and Drake eventually recruited a third member and became known as Tetra. The trio gigged all around the Puget Sound area quickly going from an unknown opening band to a crowd-attracting headliner in seemingly no time at all.

Meanwhile, Appleton was participating in another project being started up by Troy Lambert, former frontman of Seattle hard-rock act Vibrant Society. Troy had been writing for this new project in hopes to form a band with like-minded artists. The untimely passing of former Alice In Chains bass player Mike Starr brought Lambert and Christopher Gaffney together as they met when the two were mourning his death. At the time, Gaffney was playing in a three-piece band which had only performed a few private shows before disbanding. Lambert, Appleton and Gaffney played together as this band-without-a-name for quite some time, auditioning several candidates for a fourth member over the course of about a year. After many failed attempts, the band began to lose hope in finding a suitable guitar player, until one groundbreaking evening of jamming when someone suggested the unimaginable....a merger with Tetra...

Atomic Ballroom was born.

Nowadays, Atomic Ballroom is taking the scene by storm, blowing minds and expectations away with each stage conquered. All four members are on fire and will stop at nothing to bring music as we know it to a whole new level. Welcome to the future.....we're gonna have a good time!!
Step inside the ballroom and experience music of atomic purity.

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