Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm not feeling it

I read this on FB lately:

"This is not LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.
What has happened to Seattle's Local Band camaraderie and healthy competition? I'm just not feeling it."
Vince Lane (the Hardcount)

"Nobody wants to wear a hard hat and carry a lunch bucket anymore. It's all "Vote for us" and other Matrix .B.S. its a Twilight Zone" (BWSS)

"There is a ton of great music tonight!! Get off your asses and GO SEE LIVE MUSIC!!! This region is rich with talented musicians and bands, and we're all out here working for you. Come on out and enjoy yourselves!" Jack Rainwater (Hard Money Saints)

Members of two of the best local bands are making some damn good points and asking the right questions not only to the audience but to their fellow musicians.
What's your take on this? What are the best five local bands today? ( Or the worst?)
And the best five of all times? ( yes we all know all the bands that were big in the nineties..and yes I know that they were small local bands at some point, but we are talking about the future here, so use not only your guts but your brain too).
Who's talking the talk and walking the walk on the road to eternal glory in Rock'n'Roll history?

Do you want some names?

The Spittin' Cobras
Big Wheel Stunt Show
The Hardcount
Mystery Ship
Shivering Denizens

These are a small part ot the local rocknroll bands that I'm diggin lately ( I'd like to mention also, without sounding too cocky, my band, Piston Ready, cause I believe we do a damn fine job but, like Jack said, there are so many good bands out there in these region ) but we wanna know what you think. There's plenty of good bands in town but we wanna figure out which one are the best. Bands that have that sparkle and can lit the audience on fire with just a simple riff. Bands that don't need  to enter a battle of the bands to prove they are good but they give 110% on stage 100% of the time they are on stage.
But also bands that are involved in the scene and that are trying to keep it alive simpy adding more local bands to the shows they are booking not afraid of the competition (read: i don't wanna play with them cause they are too good and everybody is going to leave after them). 
Every genre counts and you can include whatever band you please but you are more than welcome to make specific top five ( of whatever you want ) lists so that we can , at the end, have a better idea of what's going on in town..
...let the fun begin.

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