Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Blood

These crazy days of re-grouping and finding new colaborators are challenging but finally we have some good news:

- 48th AVE STUDIOS has joined our sponsors. it's a brand new record label based in Everett (WA) specialized in Punk and Metal. These guys also have a sweet recording studio and you can check'em out here:

-My good ol' buddy from the Italian years, Miguel Basetta (Rolling Stone Italy), has joined us and will write some reviews and interviews and reports about what's up in Europe and not. Time to expand you musical bounderies and check out bands from all over the world..the only limit here is that they have to be good! We will always focus first on the PNW scene of course but we will try to keep an eye open on what's hot out there and all the good bands (American and not) that are going to tour around here.

-in the works a couple of interview with some good new bands from Seattle. stay tuned!

-soon a REVIEWS page and a INTERVIEWS will be reay so that it will be easier to check out new releases from your favorite bands and maybe discover your new obsession.

-once again, if you feel like you have something to say and wanna write about it don't be shy and contact us!

that'd all for now. over and out.

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