Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Local news.

There are a couple of records out that i think you should check out.

 released a 7 inch vinyl single of the
song - "She's Speed" on August 27th 2013. 
This is PALOOKA's first release since their album What's Wrong With Wanting Everything came out in Summer of 2011. The She's Speed single is also PALOOKA's first release with Chris Quinn (SGM, RazRez, West Section Line, Bottle of Smoke) on guitar and Paul Passarelli (Lipstick, October, Kingmother, 70 Proof and Flight to Mars) on vocals. PALOOKA added Paul to the lineup in mid January 2013 and went into Big Sound Productions later that month to work on a preproduction demo for the next PALOOKA album (anticipated late this year/early next year release). After listening to the results of the sessions, releasing a couple of the songs just seemed to make sense. Steve Jones (Ancient Warlocks) recorded the single at Big Sound. The single was mixed and mastered by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios. 

This record is not really super new (out in June of 2013 ) but i haven't seen a lot of press about it and it's a shame. If you like the seventies, like i do, and Blues you will consume the grooves of this Vinyl ep. The single was recorded at Fastback Studios, Seattle. Produced and recorded by Gordon Raphael. Jason Lackie was the engineer & mastering engineer. 4 tracks of pure 70's sound so well done that it sounds like it was crafted and recorded back in the good ol days of rock.There's only one way to describe this record: MYSTERY SHIP II is awesome! Out on Knick Knack Records a small but pretty rad independent local record label.Check 'em out!

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