Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Last Ride For BWSS and The Hardcount

Big Wheel Stunt Show and The Hardcount each will play their final shows on the same bill at The New Frontier in Tacoma Saturday March 1st. It's fitting that the show is at The New Frontier as both bands really skyrocketed their local popularity with a blistering show they played a few years back to support Big Wheel Stunt Shows release titled "Cheetah Milque". The bands went on to play many more memorable shows in the years following and built a reputation for being no nonsense, blood and guts rockin' roll bands. In my opinion both of these bands kicked the Seattle/Tacoma music scenes right in the balls stirring up some excitement again and leading the way to all the great stuff going on right now. 

I heard Jake Melius of BWSS was moving back to his home state of Arizona to pursue a new career opportunity. I asked Justin Gimse if the band thought about carrying on without their long time friend and bassist. 

"Reason we are not carrying on without Jake. A few years ago, we agreed that the three of us were the DNA of BWSS and with the special friendship we all had, there was never going to be any replacing if one of us left the band. We would simply call it a day. It was an easy and unanimous agreement and it has held true. Frankly, for this band, there's not another bass player that I would want to play with. There's just a whole lot more than just the music between us all. No way anybody's gonna fill those shoes no matter how good a player and how awesome a person they are. They're not Jake, can't be Jake and Jake IS the Bass Man of the BWSS, period."
"Not sure what Evan has on the musical horizon. He's newly married and really enjoying that life at the moment."
"I will continue to broadcast my weekly radio show - I'll also be putting together more Station Sponsored Live Performances this year (Feb 21st - Night of Gritness Showcase @ the New Frontier) - I've been enjoying singing and crooning jazz numbers these days at Jazz Nights at the New Frontier. New Gig writing for the Sports and Entertainment sections of the Tacoma Weekly has me very excited. I'm open to the idea of getting together with some other players and see what happens, but I'm really not in any kind of rush... this has been a furious almost five year run and I'm ready to catch my breath for awhile."
I asked Harcount frontman Atom Green what was up with his bands departure-
"Well, there wasn't a big fight or anything. Donnie is selling and buying a new house plus is on the tail end of a Divorce. Vince was unemployed for over a year and just got a job that is taking a lot of his time and I am still trying to get a good job and back on my feet from my divorce. We basically were focusing on our individual lives more than anything else and we decided that it was more important for us to do that than be in a band at this point. Being in a band takes a lot of time, energy and passion that we just didn't have. If you aren't going to give it 100%, why waste the time. So for now The Hardcount is done, we may or may not pick it back up sometime down the road."
The Hardcount
"I'm doing solo stuff, I release my music on YouTube. Donnie and Vince are starting a band up called "Lemmon" they will be playing some shows. It is Donnie's thing. I wrote all the songs for the Hardcount and Donnie wants to get back into writing. They sound good.....a lot different than The Hardcount."
"Spike is just working a lot. I don't think he has any plans right now but his brother is the drummer for "Go Like Hell" and asked him to join a few months back......if they want to kick out their current bass player I am sure Spike will join up with them."

Both bands will be missed but recorded a ton a great music and played alot of memorable shows. Thanks guys!!

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