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The NW Metal Zone


NWCZ Radio is about to celebrate their two year anniversary of bringing the best in Northwest independent music to the masses. Whether your into rock, punk, metal, techno, blues,  hip hop, ect you can find a show at NWCZ Radio to fill the void left by commercial radio and possible turn you on to a new favorite local band. Based in Tacoma WA NWCZ Radio gives independent artists a place to be discovered, have their music played and listeners a different experience than the same ol, same ol they have been hearing on the FM dial.

One of their fastest growing shows in popularity and home to all that is metal on nwcz is the NW Metal Zone. Hosted by Chance Pittenger the NW Metal Zone showcases the always present and LOUD Northwest metal scene. Music, reviews, band interviews Chance is bridging the gap between metal fans and local bands creating a interactive median where we can all meet up, rock out and connect. 

The NW Metal Zone is on every Tuesday night 8pm PST at

Here's a few minutes with Chance Pittenger about the show, the local metal scene and a bunch of links to some killer bands!

What is the origins of the Northwest Convergence Zone /NWCZ Radio and when did you get involved?

NWCZ radio came out of the Northwest Convergence Zone podcast that was done by Darrell Fortune.  He used the podcast to showcase mostly musicians but also interviewed film makers, comedians, and other artists.  He wanted to create a radio station that could take the vision of his podcast and expand on that to provide greater exposure to the NW art and music scene.  The station is celebrating its two year anniversary this month (February), I became involved soon after it started.  Darrell was looking for someone to host a metal show and it sounded like fun.  My show kicked off in April of 2011.

Obviously a huge metal fan and supporter who are some of the bands you were listening to that first drew you into the metal scene?

 My love of metal goes way back to when I was in high school, and I'm an old fart so the 3 bands, the 3 albums really that drew me into heavier music and metal were Iron Maiden, "Killers", Motorhead, "Ace Of Spades", and Saxon, "Wheels Of Steel".  If my memory is right they all came out during my junior year of high school and since then I've been exploring metal and just getting into heavier and more extreme stuff.

How would you describe the state of Pacific Northwest music in 2013?

 I think the music scene in general is in pretty good shape, and I'm speaking of the greater Seattle/Tacoma area.  There are a ton of bands and some really good ones.  I've been a little worried about venues with a lot of the closures we had in 2012.  Some are doing better but I know others are barely holding on.  It's really important that we get out and support the local artists and venues.  Everyone who digs local music in whatever genre needs to be out there seeing bands and supporting venues every chance they get.

Metal has always seemed like it's own scene inside a music scene especially in the last ten years or so. Do you see it that way? What seperates a hard core metal fan from the rest of the crowd?

I think that is a good way to put it and yes, that is accurate.  Metal always seems to be the outcast of the music scene, especially the more extreme variations.  I think that bands that play metal and the fans of those bands are completely ok with that.  It gives a freedom to really express yourself musically and it is awesome to go to a metal show where the bands are just killing it onstage and the fans are going nuts in the pit.  More often than not that is the case.  I think people are drawn to metal because you get performances from the bands that are completely into what they are doing.  There are very few bands that get up on stage and just half ass it.  They are bands that bring it every night.  So I think that is what separates the true fan, they go to shows and they are fully engulfed in what is going on.  They are in the pit and they are feeling it just as much as the band is.  They buy the merch and wear it proudly, they buy the CDs and vinyl and they are completely supportive of the metal community.

What local bands are you listening to now and who do metal fans need to check out?

Tho Shall Kill
This is a tough one because I'm listening to local stuff constantly.  I think I'll answer this by saying fans need to know Tho Shall Kill and Skinwalker out of Omak most definitely.  Sacrament Ov Impurity is another good one that really puts on a great show.  There's a band out of Portland called Dusks Embrace that I really dig. Terra Morta, Sun Eater, and Curse Of The North are also bands that are worth checking out.  Nekro Morphosis is another one, they put on the most insane show I've probably ever been to in my life.  Those are bands that I go back to and listen to most often.

Best show you attended in 2012?

Man this is a tough one!  I try to see GoatWhore whenever they are in town so it had to be one of their shows, although I couldn't tell any other specifics

Favorite local music venue?

In Tacoma I'd have to say the The New Frontier .  Not a metal venue but I really like the vibe of the place and its fun to just hang there.  In Seattle, nothing beats the The 2Bit Saloon, especially on Metal Mondays!!

What's on tap for The NW Metal Zone in 2013?

I want to get more bands on the show for interviews to really showcase the depth of talent that we have around here.  We will also be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in April so I'm trying to come up with something special for that.

How do bands that haven't been on the show yet get their music to you?

Best way to do that is to email tracks to me, the address is  I also have a Facebook page for the show which is NW Metal Zone so bands and fans can check out what we are doing.

Best metal guitarist of all time?

Hands down Tony Iommi.  He is the godfather of that big fat doomy riff and without that music would be completely different, and not nearly as good.

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