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The Insurgence/Zero Down/Princess/Midnight Idols @The Sunset 6/23/12

Last Saturday night Seattle radio station KISW 99.9fm and their "Loud and Local" program hosted by Jolene sponsored a show at The Sunset Tavern along with Digital Warfare Records headlined by Seattle hardcore thrash band The Insurgence. The lineup also included Zero Down, Princess and Midnight Idols.

Before I get into the show, I have to applaud Jolene and the gang over at Loud and Local on KISW for putting together another killer lineup for a night of metal and thrash in sleepy little Ballard. They just know who rocks in this city and always deliver the goods when it come to showcasing some of this areas best live bands.

The show started at 10pm, I got there slightly before that and pretty quickly came to the conclusion this was going to be a rowdy one. As I caught a quick smoke outside before heading in, a large group made up of maybe 30 people came barreling down the street, dressed in their Insurgence gear looking a bit suspect ready for some chaos and The Insurgence. 

First up was Seattle metal band Midnight Idols. I have to admit, I've never seen so many people in the bar for the first band up in a long time. Midnight Idols tore through about a 30 minute set of their self proclaimed "quality purveyors of true heavy metal" warming the crowd up and leaving them wanting more. Midnight Idols is what's right about local metal and delivered a tight, high energy set that was the perfect start for the coming madness. These dudes sound reminds me of a time when Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were running amok and ruling the planet. Awesome band, highly recommend checking them out!

Next up was a band I was really looking forward to seeing, Princess. I'm not sure how to describe their sound. It's kinda metal, kinda punk a little heavy, fast, sounds like Henry Rollings molesting Sonic Youth or somethin' like that, they RULE!! By the time Princess took the stage the place was fully packed, shoulder to shoulder. Andrew Chapman (vocals) led the band through a 30 minute set at times jumping off the stage into the crowd and making everyone there part of the show. I love the originality and quirkiness of this band not to mention the fact that they flat out rock and put on a hell of a live show, again do yourself a favor and check out Princess!

By the time Princess finished up their set the vibe in The Sunset was that of a powder keg. You could just feel the energy and anticipation swelling. Zero Down was up next. I've seen this band several times in the last few months and every show is the same, I leave feeling that whatever I paid to get in to see them was well worth it, and in fact I probably still owe them some money on the way out. What a fucking great hard rock, metal band Zero Down is. Luckily they are from these parts of the woods and we get to see them fairly often. As soon as they took the stage the crowd pushed forward and the first formation of a mosh pit appeared. Dudes played for about 40 minutes loud n' fast and seemingly holding up a lit match to the powder keg fuse. Zero Down is a party every time they play and are one of the reasons, we do what we do at this magazine and love it.

I went out to catch a smoke after their set to see Jibo (vocals) of The Insurgence walking around chatting with different groups of people getting folks fired up for their set and asking "you all ready, this shit is about to go down!" That's why I REALLY like this this fucking band. Just the attitude, the fire, the passion, the confidence, they know or at least should know they are the biggest, baddest mofo's in Seattle right now, no the west coast, the planet, hands down. 

The Insurgence hit the stage around 12:30 like a sledgehammer to your skull. The mosh pit started immediately and never stopped till the bands last song around 1am. It was electric, like a really big band playing a really small place. Video camera's were everywhere, flashes from still camera's every couple of seconds, Jibo encouraging crowds participation directing the few stragglers on the outside of the pit to join the chaos. The Insurgence blew the roof off The Sunset to the point of making the owner of the place a little unconformable and out of The Sunset's Ballard comfort zone. Somewhere around the second song, the owner (that's how he introduced himself) walked around the floor near the stage telling people to turn their cameras off or "get out." He told me the same thing, I asked why, and was told,"because I own this place!" Fucking lame. Talk about sucking the energy out of a room. A few people continued to shoot some pictures of The Insurgence including their own photographer and they were in fact, kicked out. Later I heard the owner told someone it was illegal to take pictures in his bar, or some bullshit like that. We sat there all night drinking their over priced beer and eating their shitty pizza waiting for The Insurgence to come on and they are kicking people out for taking pictures? Fucking Joke. That's how good The Insurgence were on this night, to rowdy, to loud, to different for video or pictures in the mild mannered Sunset Tavern, what else can I say, that about sums up their show. They blew into The Sunset like a twister, shook the floor beams, rattled the walls, rocked the fuck out of everybody and left. I needed a show like this! Every band that played killed it and I wish a few more bands in this city would get out there and shake shit up and make some REAL noise like this line-up did tonight! 

Thank you KISW, Digital Warfare Records all the bands and Satan for this one-we all owe ya !

BTW if your in Ballard and want to see a metal, thrash or hardcore show, just go to The 2 Bit. The beer is affordable, the staff is cool, they have a covered smoking area and is it's a real music venue where you have the freedom to shoot some pics of your favorite bands without being hassled. 


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