Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hot Roddin' Romeos

Hot Roddin’ Romeos / “Russian Roulette”

Cross over appeal. It’s huge for bands trying to build their fan base and The Hot Roddin’ Romeos have that going on with new CD “Russian Roulette.” Being more of a hard rock, punk fan I have to admit to never giving rockabilly bands much of a extended listen, my bad! On a suggestion from a friend I checked The Hot Roddin’ Romeos and a new fan was born. They ROCK!

Listening to this CD today I spaced off and had this vision of me driving my Hemi Cuda full throttle through the Nevada dessert on a old  two lane asphalt road. 110 degree’s,  windows down and The Hot Roddin’ Romeos “Devil’s T-Bucket” blasting on the radio, whiskey bottle between my legs (relax- it’s just a 5th-I’m driving... FAST) smoke in my mouth, shifting gears through my 426  Hemi with the lights of Vegas on the horizon. Not a f***king care in the world and nothing but dust and rubber burnt road in the rear view mirror. God dammit these guys are good, and I want to leave RIGHT NOW!

I love when I listen to new music and it effects my brain, takes me outta my world for a while and places me somewhere better, like the dessert and my Cuda (if I had one). Russian Roulette is good enough to take you somewhere else in your head- yeah it’s “rockabilly” or so that’s what I keep reading. I hear all sorts of good stuff.

I’ll just call Russian Roulette a well written and recorded, bad ass rock n roll album that you need to go get. 14 tracks and no space wasted with filler songs. Everyone is a keeper, my personal favorite being “Devils T-Bucket”, love the up tempo, fuzzy guitars, and it’s about the devil, gettin away from the cops, and a fast car wrecking, perfect. Pass me a PBR and a shot! “Trailer Trash Whore” brilliant, maybe the funniest song I’ve ever heard, “My Baby Left Me (Cause I Didn't No Hot Rod)” sounds like Elvis jamming with Chuck Berry, so good! “Wishin’ You Were Gone” another favorite with a cool AC/DC vibe to start out and some killer guitar with lyrics I’m sure we have all screamed at one time or another.

Do yourself a favor and check this CD out. The Hot Roddin’ Romeos will be on coming issue’s of Blackhole Music Magazine NW, so keep an eye out and check out our link to the band.

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