Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Wheel Stunt Show "Wonderful LIFE"

Tacoma WA.'s hardest working band Big Wheel Stunt Show recently released their third full length CD titled Wonderful Life. Recorded in Seattle WA., at Egg Studios, produced, mixed and mastered by Kurt Bloch of the legendary Seattle band The Fastbacks  The Big Wheel Stunt Show are firing on on cylinders with their latest effort.

Following up on their globally acclaimed second release Cheetah Milque the band along with Kurt Bloch entered Egg Studios early in 2012 on a mission to produce the best sounding BWSS CD to date. All business and totally dialed in the band recorded Wonderful Life in just under three days featuring 11 tracks (46 minutes) and contributions from a noteworthy list of local musicians. 

Wonderful Life definitely stays true to Big Wheel Stunt Show's roots in blues-driven, up- tempo rock n roll while allowing fans to witness the growth and song writing maturity of the band.  Evan Nagle (guitar), Justin Gimse (drums) and Jake Melius (bass) appease the gods of all that rock with their most recent offering amidst a sea of empty beer cans, broken guitar strings in the ever expanding wake of momentum left by Cheetah Milque. 

Kurt Bloch (producer) found a way to capture the massive, gritty-raw, live sound of Big Wheel Stunt Show without sacrificing a shred of the bands pure musicianship brilliance. It sounds like a live album recorded with all the luxuries of a top notch recording studio.

Wonderful Life is something The Big Wheel Stunt Show and Kurt Bloch can be really proud of. You don't make albums like this unless you can't live without  all the up's and downs of playing in a rock n roll band today. These guys love what they do and you can hear it every time they get together and plug in. 

Chuck Berry to Black Sabbath, Stones, Cream and Hendrix , thats what I hear on Wonderful Life but with a definite and unique BWSS sound primarily delivered from Evan and Justin's vocals. 

It's taken a while to actually sit down and write this review. Everytime I put on Wonderful Life, instead of writing I usually pick up my guitar crack open a beer crank up my Vox to 11 and start playing along to it. Great CD, personal favorite, "Jakes Black Rainbow (of Unicorn Death)", "School of False", Bud'Der", "The Lights-The Landing", screw it, every song rocks. Well done guys!

Also making contributions to Wonderful Life are-

Kurt Bloch/ back up vocals "Wonderful Life" & "Milque and Honey" and piano on "Bad Thing".

 Kim Hammel/ back up vocals on "Bud'Der" and lead chorus on "Jakes Black Rainbow (of Unicorn Death)".

 Patrick Baldwin/ melotron and guitar "The Landing".

 Darrell Fortune/ doing the far out voice on "The Lights".

 Voxxy & Gene Vallejo/ back up vocals on "To Believe In" and "Soul and Sound".

 James Coates/ backup vocals on "Soul and Sound".

 Yngve Gronvik/ back up vocals on the hidden track.

Andy Basinger/ keyboards on "Don't Mind Ya", Situations", "Soul and Sound"


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