Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Insurgence / News and Video

Seattle hardcore punk band The Insurgence recently released their second full length album titled "Elimi-Nation". Availiable now on itunes at   http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/elimi-nation/id564666745#

New video shot for the song "We Can't Be Stopped" off of new album Elimi-Nation.

Brief message from the band.


The American Oligarchy: A system in which power resides only within a small ultra-wealthy political class. As the wealth of a nation becomes increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, laws are re-written allowing that wealth to be converted into political influence.

Record amounts of money flowing into the political system drown out the voices of all but a few. The rules are being re-written, and they are not in your favor. Eighty percent of the country is left to fight over less than half of the wealth. Is the oligarchy really working that much harder than you? They may have their shackles around our politicians, but the only thing that shackles the rest of us is complacency. We have been forgotten, thrown away and they are betting you will do nothing. We have the numbers. Together, we can’t be stopped!

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